My Style & Approach

About My Classes/Sessions

I'm an Alternative Meditation Teacher/Therapist, Spiritual Life Purpose Coach, who is an advocate for mindfulness, self and soul care and my classes are an ode to both - a medley of mindfulness, self/soul care and incorporate sound, crystal energy and face massage, catering to the mind, body and soul needs of all that attend.

I create a space where people feel at peace, and connected with self, using sound, scent  (the odd candle) and my voice, to bring them to a place of complete zen.

Classes are candle lit, small, intimate and provide the perfect safe space for you relax, let go and feed your mind, body and soul...

Meditation Style

I write all my meditations myself, but don't read from a script, they are soul-led and guided by  connecting to the energy of the group I am meditating with. I get my inspiration when in nature and  create experiences, such as a spa day/night, a walk in a lavender field, or floating on a flower pool in Bali.  
I use spoken word, set to a background of  an array of sounds, from neo soul, to rain, traditional meditation music to singing bowls, or other calm inducing sound. 
My classes are guided and easy to follow, even for the 'newbie' meditator...


Using my experiences of own spiritual journey, modalities and practices that have supported me and enhanced my own journey,  I have I support and guide you on your journey, working in harmony with you, on your path. 

I coach, because I understand the needs of women like me and you. Women who are; on their spiritual journey, at that point in your life, where you are evaluating everything and everyone in it and want to live intentionally, mindfully and authentically, but just aren't sure how to go about it.  I'm the bridge between just living and fulfilling your life purpose, before it gets too late!