Acerca de

My Story

A spiritual being, living a human existence!

That statement is me in a nutshell...

I feel people, I feel energy and as well as being able to be the life and soul of the party, can be equally introvert, naturally observant and am also highly intuitive! I am passionate about self-love and soul care, and the amazing benefits they have on our lives, when we make a conscious effort to practice them. 

Spiritually Guided

I inherited  a very old, falling apart dream book from my late mother, that I swear by! It really is my guide, and I have always felt, one of her ways of communicating with me.

I only ever have dreams when there is something going on in my life that I need an answer to and its interpretations are always on point.

I am also guided by my own spirit and throughout my own spiritual journey, have learned how to listen to it more and always 'follow my spirit' in every thing I do!

Growing Through What I Go Through

I have dealt with different types of sudden loss, grief, heartbreak - things that really should have broken me, but my spirituality and the connection I have made and continue to make with my soul, is my support system.

Sharing My Gifts

My calling is to share the tools and practices  that support me daily - to be what I need to be for myself and others with you, so that you can connect with your soul and what it needs, for you to do the same.