Meditative Coaching

If you have reached the point in your life where you, are questioning the true meaning, what you really want, are questioning what you were 'taught' - what the meaning of life truly is and are ready to unleash your purpose and reason, you are in the right space!

I combine coaching with meditation, to provide and experience that allows you to truly, deeply connect within. Allowing you to find the answers to your questions - those answers that lie deep within. I work with you, supporting and guiding you, to find those answers, unleash your purpose and live an amplified life you truly love!



Work With Me 1:1

This can be a one off, or regular monthly/weekly session, depending on your individual needs.

I recommend booking at least 4 sessions, for you to get maximum results, but it really is up to you!

Investment £50

Power Coaching 

I also offer a 150 minute Power Coaching call. This is an intense session, aimed at women who already understand their journey, but need some guidance with how to further deepen their connection with self, through daily practices.

Investment £100

Limited Availability