Frequently asked questions

What Do I Need To Wear/Bring?

Wear loose comfortable clothing/whatever you feel comfortable in Meditation

  • Yoga Mat
  • Cushion (optional)
  • Crystals - I also have a selcetion from you to choose from
Soul Circle Sessions
  • Crystals - I also have a selection for you to choose from
Sound Bath
  • Yoga Mat
  • Cushion (optional)
  • Crystals - I also have a selection for you to choose from
In some spaces, mats and bolster cushions are provided, so don't be put off, if you don't have one. Feel free to send me a quick text or whatsapp message, to check.

What Covid-19 Safety Measures Are in Place?

Class sizes are kept small and social distancing measures are also in place. The room is well ventilaited and sanitised before, after and in between usage. You do not have to wear a mask, but can do so, if you wish (the exception to this, is in space I use that still have a mask wearing policy in place). I also ask that you take your temperature, using the non-contact themometer provided and that if you test positive, follwoing a class, you contact me immediately, so I can inform the other participants.

Is There Parking Available Nearby?

There are free and paid parking spaces near all of the venues I offer classes and experiences at, although these ,ay be limited in some areas. There are also excellent transport links.

Can I Still Join A Class If I'm Late?

Late entry is not permitted. I ask that you arrive 5 minutes, before your class starts. This is so that the meditation/session is not discrupted for the other participants. I do however, allow you to transfer your booking to the same class, on another day, where there is availability. This gesture only applies to one late attendance.

Ho Do I Prepare For My Soundbath?

Eat a light meal, a couple of hours before your class - nothing too heavy. Drink lots of water, before and after the session - sound travels much better, through water. Become more senstive to sound go out in nature, listen to the birds, trees, water and notice the different layers of sound. Listen to music - the high and low sounds, the way sound fades in and out. These are a few ways you can prepare yourself, for your experience.