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Alternative Guide & Creator of Sacred Spaces & Soulful Experiences...

HELLO I'm Amanda - Meditative Coach and Alternative Healing Therapist. I am also a certified Crystal and Sound Therapist, Meditation Teacher and Cacao Ceremony Facilitator.

I'm a member of the  Complementary Therapists Accredited Association and follow their code of ethics.

I am also a Pay It Forward Coach, with Life Coach University.

Meditative Coaching

I support women 40+, on their spiritual journey to connect with their spiritual, soul energy and live on purpose!​

Soul Therapy

I  work with women and organisations, offering meditation, crystal and sound therapy - combining the modalities I offer,  to provide unique, soulful, restorative experiences.

If you'd like to book a class or therapy session, click here.

If your'e interested in coaching and are ready to take the next step, book a complimentary, connection call with me, to

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Meditation Guide

​I incorporate sound and crystal therapy, neo soul, house and nature sounds into my classes, to create a relaxing, soulful experience.

I will also sometimes weave in skin care and Indian head massage, depending on the type of class.

Indian Head Massage Therapist

I offer 1-21 appointments upon request and depending on my availability. I also weave this ancient Indian massage technique into the self care elements of some of my classes and all Soul Care Circle events.

Cacao Facilitator

Cacao is at the centre of all my Soul Circle events.  A Cacao ceremony, is an ancient ritual, originating from Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America.

A Cacao Ceremony, includes the drinking of cacao -  chocolate in its raw form. 

I combine cacao with meditation and other modalities, to amplify your intention and spiritual or energetic practice.

Spiritual Life Purpose  Coach

I offer Group and 1:1 Coaching, for women 40+

Guiding you to deepen your self and spiritual connection, to live an authentic, amplified, purposeful life.

Crystal & Sound Therapist

I weave the healing energy of sound and crystals into all my classes, to add dimension and give you and introduction into the healing and relaxation benefits of them both.

Holistic Facialist

I take a holistic approach to my facials, using plant based and organic products and concentrating on the whole person - weaving crystal, sound and meditation into each unique experience, to cater not only for the skin, but the mind and soul too!


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Embrace Your Authentic Self

 A 3 day meditative coaching experience, for women 40+, who are ready to unleash their purpose and embrace their authenticity. 

Image by Jessica Felicio

So'ul Connected Membership

Join  my Soul Circle - your sacred space, to indulge in a medley of meditation and other holistic modalities. 

Your perfect opportunity to disconnect, nurture, relax, restore, reconnect and rejuvenate.

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak...
Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati




Nilam - Crystal Workshop

The 'Are You Crystal Clear' workshop was a real eye opener into the world of crystals. As a newbie collector, I wanted a better understanding of how to use my crystals, the different energies and what crystals I could use to support my daily life.

I got so much more than that and am now confident at selecting, working with and identifying genuine crystals.

Thank you

Maia - Self-Love Meditation Class

I attended the International Women's Day Self-Love Meditation Class. What an amazing experience. It was easy to follow, soothing and your voice so calming. When's the next one?

Joanna - 1:1 Spiritual Coaching

I booked a 1:1 session with Amanda, after having what I felt was a spiritual awakening, during 2020.

The events of the year left me feeling like there is more to life that I need to explore.

 After my first session, I feel like my life has some direction, purpose and that it's time to just be myself, connect with myself and introduce changes and practices that will make my life better,
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